Onward to a new year…


It’s a coldish (2C) clear, sunny day in Vancouver. We had an ever so slight dusting of snow overnight. Snow around here is a very ephemeral phenomenon, usually only around for few days at most..It does however, totally alter the landscape, however briefly, creating silhouettes on roofs and branches,  painting the world with a frosty brush. The ground is hard, unyielding, and in the garden, bronzed leaves display their ragged silver fringes…

Image result for echinacea flower with bee

I jumped, (well maybe tiptoed), into the world of blogging last autumn, and somehow the landscape in my world shifted as well… The observations, interactivity, and general thoughtfulness and humanity of those blogs I encountered, (and followed) encouraged me to aspire to join in…The community on Twitter, some who blog, are an amazing and wondrous bunch who mean alot to me. A few more experienced bloggers kindly offered very useful advice (you know who you are), and I will always be grateful. There are a few things I plan to write about this year in particular.


The news every day is full of how nature is being attacked, seemingly on all fronts, from bees threatened by hive collapse and neo-nicotinioids, to oceans filling with plastic, which in turn is devoured by marine animals/fish, then becoming present in the flesh of, guess what, the tasty morsel on your plate. Meanwhile governments around the world seem to have blinders on when it comes to understanding the potentially devastating consequences of processes like fracking. In British Columbia, Canada where I live, our government’s enthusiasm for LNG is only surpassed by the folly of issuing a permit to allow the headwaters (source of the town’s water supply) above  Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island be used as a toxic waste dump. How is this even possible??? But enough gloom…


Every day I encounter examples of individuals and groups who are deeply commited to upholding and protecting the natural world. Some are gardeners, or designers, or plant propagators, others work to save species or habitat. Still others study and educate communities about beneficial insects and pollinators. Some work with young people to introduce them to the natural world. Their approaches are quite diverse, yet there is a commmon link – the idea that mankind is not the be all/end all of this planet. These ongoing efforts provide a much-needed sense of hope that people can make a positive contribution, within communities, in schools, in gardens, conservation projects, and in countless other initiatives. I hope to highlight some of these projects, books, and people this year.


I also plan to write about some public gardens,  introduce some new (and old, but stellar) garden books,  and share some horticulturally related events and lectures with my readers. Plus, perhaps a bit of serendipity, just to mix it up a bit.


And so, onward to a new year…. May it bring resilence, a renewed sense of wonder, and the joy to be found both in making and experiencing gardens, (along with the achy muscles), and also by connecting with the wild mysteries of this natural world we call home.



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10 Responses to Onward to a new year…

  1. I’m so very jealous of your snow, Jo. I was really, really hoping that we’d get some this year (after a couple of years without) but all we’ve had is non-stop rain. Grim. Good luck with your blog and the whole world of blogging – and your blog has a name! Good choice. I’ll look forward to reading about 2016 through your eyes. Dave

    • joturner57 says:

      So glad you liked it…Still very much a rookie, with bouts of extreme technical ineptitude, leading to serious grumpiness and hair pulling… Such a delightful world of blogging though, and so many great people..Looking forward to reading your reflections and perambulations in the year ahead : )

  2. Bojenn says:

    Lovely pictures and inviting usage of words make for a pleasant experience while visiting your blog.

    Very comfortable and enchanting.


  3. joturner57 says:

    Yes. The assignments really force a person to focus on certain elements of blogging that are essential, yet if one is new to the process, challenging, technically and as relates to content, audience, etc. Must work harder…

  4. karengimson says:

    I enjoyed your blog, Jo. Hold on to that hope, as quite a few of us on here share your views and are doing all we can,. All the best- Karen

    • joturner57 says:

      Thanks so much Karen…glad you liked it..So good to know there are people standing up for poor old mother Nature, and hope to highlight at least a little of it. Best to you as well! xjo

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